The Ethereum debugger that shows you more.
Fix vulnerabilities at a glance.
Put an end to step-based debugging. Our low-level interpreter computes all state changes and the complete code trace in one integrated view.

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Why another debugger?

Mainstream debuggers are limited by design.

They were built to support languages with complex real world features — concurrency, random values and i/o. Smart contracts define simple state machines and unlock much more powerful forms of debugging.

We are building a debugger that bridges this gap to help you notice and fix vulnerabilities as soon as they come up.

Isolate errors straight away

Watch Solidity values through time to find out what's breaking and where.

Navigate stack traces at light speed

Simply scroll to move up and down the current trace or revert to familiar navigation tools.

Connect all your code

Automatically integrate your Truffle, Web3 or custom project.

Master Ethereum

We read and embed learnings from the latest EVM research so you don't have to.
Audit effortlessly
Quickly understand complex and unfamiliar smart contracts.
Evolve with the EVM
Discover EVM features as they become relevant to you.
On-board new members
Help team members get up to speed with your codebase.

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